About Us


Hi! My name is Carissa Calderone and I am a wife, momma, photographer @violetjune_photography, volleyball player, and lover of all things creative. I live in Jupiter, Florida with my soulmate/hot husband Adam, my wild 5 year old daughter with crazy curls Violet, my 2.5 year old sour patch kid Luke and my American Bulldog Cali.

I love my family, friends, being goofy, crafting, photography and striving to be the best version of myself. I am very tall, 6 feet to be exact and suffer from big hands and feet and saying/doing awkward things on the reg. That’s what you will find here on our blog. My best friend Taylor and I sharing ourselves and our passions with you. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you stay awhile.


Hello friends! My name is Taylor and I’m a wife, dog mom, and creative soul. I live in West Palm Beach in my cozy 1949 abode. I love to create, sip cocktail’s, laugh uncontrollably,and thrift with my cool ginger hubby!

I’m more than excited for this next venture with my best friend Carissa. This blog is my creative refuge (grownup problems). I can’t wait to share everything I’m passionate about with you all!

Let’s get weird,
Xo Taylor

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