New year , New US! Ha maybe

It’s that time again, everyone is starting their New Years resolutions. So cliche, but we all love a fresh start. Of course we want to lose weight, get organized, drink less and be thankful for  what we have.  I want to be successful in doing all of the above ( I may need to gather my support group now!)

I can’t speak for Carissa but since i’m writing this post I will :)…. I know that we want this Blog to be an outlet for our daily lives. A way to connect with people all over and maybe even inspire one or two of our readers. Make this endeavor a priority (though our husbands, kids, work and life take most of our time up). Carissa and I love being with one another and since we are grown up now with responsibilities this is just another excuse for us to have “OUR” time.

I don’t know exactly what 2017 has in store for On Jupiter Blog but I do know that we are more than ready to find out. We can’t wait to take 2017 by storm! Lets do this together … go ahead and comment below with any ideas or thoughts (we would love to hear from you).


xoxo Taylor and Carissa

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