Christmas Cookie Fail

For us, Christmas is all about family, friends, traditions and sharing.  It is NOT about perfection. As a mom, I feel the pressure to be “perfect” ,which is unrealistic, competitive and total bullshit!  We are all trying our best, and that should be good enough. Everything doesn’t have to be a production. The kids don’t care, so that is why I decided to share my kids ‘crazy attempt to make Christmas cookies with you.

It is not perfect, vegan, organic, neat or fake. It is quality time, even though the cookie dough is store bought (gasp), it is still messy. Let me paint this glorious picture for you. My son, Luke, was just getting over chicken pox ( WTH) and my daughter, Violet, kept asking everyday when we were going to make Christmas cookies. Of course, I kept putting it off because I dreaded rolling out the sugar cookie dough, cutting the shapes, and then cleaning up the mess.

This particular night I ran out of excuses and gave in. I took out my camera and let the good times roll (Do you see what I did there?). Of course they argued over who was sitting on which stool, who was using what cookie cutter first, some whining, flour on the floor and lots of giggles. Cutting out the shapes and making the cookies their own, was their favorite part.

The end result wasn’t pretty,but it was FUN and that is the most important part. It all goes to the same place anyway, doesn’t it?

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

xoxo Carissa and Taylor

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