Year of the Bennett’s


Today as I sit and reflect back on my first year of being married, alot of things come to mind. Most people say the first year is the hardest… I would say thats true if you didn’t know the person you married. I would say in my case we did things a bit differently.
John and I were engaged for over 7 years. Most women don’t even wait a month before they start planning their wedding. I was beyond flattered when John asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was young and had a plan that I wanted to see through before walking down the aisle (finish college, buy a house and establish a career). So we did just that!
Let’s fast forward to Decemeber 5, 2015 John and I were finally making it “official”! Though in our minds it was official for many years. It was a day many had waited for and we were beyond excited! Did I mention that it rained all day until 4:30 when we were about to walk down the aisle?! I would say that my dad was watching down on us that day!
Our day was nothing short of perfect! It’s was ALL about the details, every single thing was a reflection of us. The theme was an eclectic mix of grey, white and mint with different succulents everywhere (scroll for more pictures). As I sit here and think “Where did the year go”? We lived, loved, traveled, laughed and cried. It has been one hell of a year and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so excited to see what is next for us!
Cheers to many more years of happiness!

xoxo Taylor and Carissa (My maid of honor)

Wedding Venue- Waldo’s Secret Garden in Vero Beach , FL
Photography- Kennith Smith Photography
Flowers- Hilide Tripson of Waldo’s Secret Garden

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