Holiday Mini’s!

vj-3104vj-3107vj-3108vj-3133vj-3124vj-3112vj-3111The time after Halloween would be the time to get ready for Thanksgiving right?? No way Jose, in the world of photography we are getting ready for our busy season (sessions for holiday photos). Thankful to be so busy while using creativity to spread holiday cheer is pretty amazing! In an area heavily saturated with photograpers “how do we stand out?” We had to put our thinking caps on for a hot minute. We love the way photos express  emotions, closeness, beauty and all the goodness this earth has to offer!

We start by designing a mood board (helps to get us in the mood, no pun intended). We include a color scheme, things we love about the holiday season and different, eclectic props. Inspiration is everywhere.

Our first holiday session was called “Eclectic Metals” we used different types of metals, colors and shapes to accompany the green beauty (a vintage green couch…that we love “O” so much)! Metals with nature were a great combo and our clients loved the different holiday vibe. Fun fact for you..we designed this shoot since our main holiday session sold out! Hip hop hooray (ho…hey…ho)! The inspiration came from vintage brass bells and developed from there.

Our big kahuna shoot involved a pretty amazing piece from our friends at Stokey’s classic camper rentals. They are great and if you ever need to rent an amazing vintage vehicle Sharon and Brandon will be sure to hook you up (tell them we sent you). A vintage VW red camper was the main star of the shoot and it was a hit! Everyone loved the VW, not to mention the kids who all wanted to sit in the driver’s seat! We accompanied the VW with a few fun props, including a red and white flannel blanket, cute holiday coffee mugs with faux hot cocoa, a pom pom garland, a simple wreath for the front of the bus was the cherry on top!

We hope you love our pictures, let us know what you think! Go ahead and leave a comment….you know you want to!


xoxo Taylor and Carissa



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