Fall-ing on a Budget

We LOVE decorating for different Holidays round’ here. It definitely adds an element of warmth and coziness to your home. Believe me, this does not have to be expensive or time consuming. This is Taylor’s front porch in downtown West Palm Beach, FL. She did the whole look for under $30, inexpensive (isn’t it cute). She bought a variety of pumpkins in different shapes and sizes from a local grocery store and the hay at Michaels. The awesome triangle atrium, candle holder and plants are just some cool things she had around her house and used in a fun and different way. Placing things in sets of three at varying heights keeps it eclectic and interesting. I like my pumpkins how I like my friends….the weirder the better.

We’re just getting started…keep scrolling down for more photos of my Halloween decor in my family room.


My family room is right when you walk in the front door of my home in Jupiter Farms. This room was such a challenge for me to furnish when I first moved in but it quickly became one of my favorite places, especially when it comes to holiday decorating. I really wanted to do some fun Halloween decorations for the kids (trick love the kids) and found most of the decor at the Target Dollar Spot or the Dollar Store (gets me every time) I loved the way it turned out and the kids do too! Some of my favorite things are my DIY pom pom spider pillow and the crafted dollar store wreath (Promise to take pics of the process next time)



Before you go….here’s a little pumpkin humor

If you say “Pumpkin Spice Latte” into a mirror three times, a white girl in yoga pants will appear and tell you all her favorite things about fall.

Laugh it up, peppermint. We’re coming for you next!

xo Carissa and Taylor

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